Liberium Crypto is a Crypto Trading Execution site where users get the benefit and freedom of Social Trading.

We are building the initial group of Affiliates to help us grow a massive userbase. All you need is a referral code and then you can build your group of affiliates. The target is to have 3 million users by the end of 2023.

Our service offering includes 2 packages: a crypto trading signal platform as well as a complete automatic trade execution platform with real traders. The automatic trades are processed with trade credits and not on a specific timeframe (like a monthly subscription). This allows the trades to happen naturally in the market. If the market is "flat" you are not wasting time on a monthly subscription.

So you can get crypto trading signals sent to you OR automatically get the same trades the traders make 24/7.

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Get Automatic Trade Update Notifications or Automatically enter a trade.

Automatically exit a trade. Enjoy a free trailing stop loss on every trade.

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